Is that my old librarian?
Prep? Yup?
Maybe it’s her daughter that has
acquired her mother’s skin tone and
eyeglass collection
or eyeglass taste
Eyeglass? I glass..

I wonder where those kids go to high school
Fuck that one kid
With his pretty high school girlfriend
And dumb non-smile
Worried about what the other bros will
think of you, you dummy!?
Hopping up and down on your ice skates!
Judging my fucking shirt, I bet! If you see it, I bet!
I knew it before you–It’s all I had, OK?
I bet you use the word “faggot”
Oh Yea? Don’t want to wear a jacket
on the ice? T-shirt’s just fine?
Ya blonde, dummy, faggot-smearing
I can read you, you know, it’s quite
Ya mountain dew slurping, vanilla coke,
X-Box tea-bagging, bullying little
artless, code-red jock
I bet you have so many friends, Jock…
Nah I bet you’re alright sorry
Everyone’s a way, right?
Trying to hate this much is exhausting
As long as he doesn’t date Manon or be better than
me @ anything, we’re good

Now HERE’S a nice lady, I bet!
I bet I could ask her for help
if needed
We must be a little alike, sitting
alone in Bryant Park
A peaceful place to sit and eat and watch
in a city with less types of quiet non-trample-yes-people-watching-zones
and more types of people
than anyone could imagine, all
running at you or walking too slowly in front of you
Yet here me and the nice lady sit
5 feet apart
Her not judging my shirt and
Me choosing to judge her but in a positive light
I’mmmmmm Watchinnggggg youuuuuu
Nice Lady, if you don’t think people care,
you’re wrong, although I wouldn’t have suggested
freakin Ranch dressing
AND I’ll leave you now to it
I’m off to write about the couple playing Head’s Up!

Everyone seems so happy here
Most everyone anyway
Creating memories–how does THAT work, too!?
Why do certain moments have more of a
thingliness or stickiness
If we are happy, we remember the moment
If we are sad, we remember the moment
I don’t know, I’m no memory or
thingliness expert, maybe it doesn’t matter

We all just have to be a way, trying
to find happiness in whatever
weird, bad, easy or hard, self-indulgent
or self-giving way we choose or
don’t choose to go about it

What is it all man!

“Happiness is chemical” seems
to come to mind as a title or another
idea to explore–the reasons why we
strive for it–whatever it is

Who knows, I just wish I
had more money of my own
for some grub right now


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