Trying hard is so hard
Courage is hard
Talking is hard
Being alone is hard

“Don’t Feel at Home at home
Don’t Feel at home alone”

Trying to be the best is hard
But should I really feel the need to change that?
Remembering multiple things is hard like
There was definitely a powerful line
that fit so well right after the
But should I really feel the need to change that?

“I’m trying to find truths, answers
to life” or something
But it’s also just depression
Some of it is the same as its always been
social anxiety, communication
But amplified in a haze of weed and
jealousy and desire and love and confusion
and stress and (maybe?) depression

I want answers or some sort of deep,
layered graph–with bubbles and with
Lines that tell me
What causes what?
What exactly are the what’s?
I’m too tired to figure them out myself
Or am I? Am I?
Is it weed? If so, crap, but the
fact that I can’t see myself without it
and believe in myself and future love
and future conversations only with its
aid is a problem
I want to stay in a permanent stoned-ness
Ever comfortable and hilarious
As I conquer my desires of sex, marriage, and charm

Caused non-stoned is hard
The future will be hard
A confidence is hard
Harder for some than others

So maybe just maybe
It’d be wise to, however hard it is,
forget about how hard it all is and
Just Relax, just be, find a way
Build up some control and non-guiltily
you’ll be able to


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