the answer to why i was crying is idk it’s just been a rough time (??) or something, usually i can explain it better haha but it’s just so stupid what were we talking about? please ask me later about it though cause i’d love to talk about with you actually and i don’t wanna miss this opportunity

how did I just cry?
I literally wept
hands in face
rapid fire sobs and all

I cried yesterday
the day before that? who knows
I just cannot shut the fuck up
about anxiety/not being funny or
able to carry a conversation

need to condition myself to think of
this as not a “before I was/
now I am” type deal but just a
“This happens every year
and it just sucks right now”
I want more to be happening

as the poem to turns to prose
how did I just cry?
I miss summer that’s all

I’m crying because it’s been
a rough time and you don’t
feel like yourself


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