too anxious about letting it feel pretty to actually let it feel pretty until you’re actually in it and it feels pretty then what were you so worried about the whole time?

Do you ever think
You’ve experienced
Maximum beauty?

Rolling on the floor
Laughter, Freedom, Love
All movie moments with
Little shiny light circle glimmers in the top corner

Do you ever wonder
When the heck
Will this anxiety leave?

Bursting into my sleeves
The happiest I let me feel
All movie moments
Slow-mo, slow-song, slow to end

Do you wait upon
The romantic ending
Or the snap back to happy?

I should talk to everybody
And definitely definitely
Memorize it

Let it get out of hand
“In order to deal with this
(cause it’s not just going away)
Friends, I’ve gotta be completely honest
I feel like I’ve been ‘out of
form’ to say the least
acting pretty fucking depressed and
just staring and smiling
Happened before and I got over it
So I’ll get over it again!
Don’t wanna be treated any differently
I just have been wanting to put it
Out in the open–because sometimes
I’m just thinking all the time
How to talk about this but
Never really get it out right”

*asks for hug*
*beautiful/healing hug*


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