1. Identify sentence/phrase/group of phrases that is the essence of who I am. Like why and how my mind (soul?) is the way it is and what it’s general purpose is. Or maybe not that but figure out the answer to your main soul-related problem. 2. Get that as a tattoo. 3. Maybe get more tattoos? More I think about it, kinda like the idea of it. Phish cartoon maybe–Trey face? Something about family?

Ahh Ahhhhhhhh
This is how it’s done
If you ever question how to do it
Again, then this is how it’s done

Should I write this down?
Yes! Yes! Goddammit yes before you forget
Like all the last times when you
Figured it out and then forget
Or just never see it again
You need to be better organized
and Labelled with notes or think
about the real possibility of a tattoo?

What would my tattoo be?
My mantra and how I be
happy and what I should always
remember in times of adversity

If it’s cliche, make it specific
Cliche is stupid — They’re all
Things to be said and they’ll reach
different people in different

Treat others how you want to
be treated
What a great way to live
But not everyone can be
that nice — sometimes your
humor is asshole-y
Niceness in intent but normal
and not too-verbally-lovey in
appearance and conversation

With so many ways to be, how
does one choose? How does one
have so many thoughts to
keep an intelligent/fun coversation
Am I too serious rn?
Would they be having more fun with my roommate?
What would past/old Mike be saying?
Do I suck?
Am I being me? How Do I be me?

Oooh! Or it’s OK to not be OK!
Some people need that
shit! They need that
on their wall! They can’t
be happy 100% of the time
and have trouble hiding it
if they’re down. It affects
everything. It’s scary

I like people who tell me
deep shit
Their problems/how they
struggle, I should be
even more open

Also, I am so damn happy
with how different I’m feeling
recently. Stop thinking it’s a
problem and realize that
too nice is acceptable


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