A Sonnet/Proposed Shift in Problem-Attacking Strategy but maybe I’ve felt this way the whole time idk

Just gotta deal with being an overthinker!
How’ve I never thought of it this way?
Slash how’s that different from what I’ve tried to do
Long as you give it a try, she say

And what have I done actually towards it, too
It, the goal, I guess, some past feeling?
Quick big high dot to dot connected friend laughs dreams
No small details. Still, just a feeling

Is this an example of it, my mastered craft?
It, punching bursts of habit that taunt
Both party yay fun talk time and alone yay plus
Hooked on all I don’t, not what I want

Self self self self self self self self self self self self!
Myself, yourselves, the answer — dating??
Wanna ask Who Am I tho?? but I sure well know
Maybe I’m just content in this bizzare overthinking limbo until I get tired of waiting here. Or not! I don’t know, whatever it is that needs to happen, that’s what I’m waiting for. Or wait! Maybe it’s happened already, too? For now, the search continues for that old fleeting feeling that I’m sure will end with a “it was here all along (in me cute lil heart/soul)” because it definitely is! I just feel regretful and over-thinky lately and I’m ready for some sustained self-belief that I am as great and promising and good-listener-ing as I ever was!


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