THEMES FROM THE BOTTOM (to be read in english old lady or witch voice, high pitch)

LOUVE (!) is a flowaa
Like the opposite Jack Bauer

FREEDOM (!) has some meanings
Depending on your leanings

And THAT kind (!) And that other kind there (!) their (!)
Outside in I look but now all’s I do is stare and stare

Blaze OOONNN (!) Trey says (!) Lifes short (!)
But but (!) What what (!) I KNOW (!) I SNORT (?)

Cause cause what if it was THIS way
Oh no nooo (!) THAT way (??) Way not OK

Opened a’flood come all OOHS (!) and YIKES (!) and squirmy shutters
Courage EEKS and WEAKS and SNEAKS and you find some other gutter

I’m no Woody Allen wordsmart hopeless existential prof
I’m an own-world “the past” lover just hoping again to LAUGH (!)


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