Pigsty’s Little One – little bear who starts off just being messy and then learns to like playing with hangers, so still throws clothes around apartment because of that, or about hibernation if you let “hang him” mean sleep with/hibernate with

He’d throw the clothes all over the place

Despite many a swinging hanger

(Jolly Mother Bear, raised eyebrows, wagging stern no-no finger

and pointing to slacks-less space)


Little One now growing at record pace!

Shaming every tinkling anger!

(Little One, sensitive emotions, used to cry a tiny lil’ tear

about a marked mantle looking down upon his face)


In but a smooth moon’s passing, he thought should he try again?

Just in case? He didn’t feel tall

Not like ungrateful Xiang, seven foot Asian boy bear (in b-ball denial)

(more like some short dumby who got denied by…of all damsel bears!… JEN!)


Then, VII years of smooth moons passing, he high as the highest brethren

Still flung and flicked all over the chairs, piles, et. al.

(Well until Little One, hangers hung so neat, decided to just wear them all

cause if all grown up Jen still won’t Hang Him 7.5avg., at least he can Hang Himself Ten!


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