cafe opened up in back of rave owned by man

(read in rap-y, quick-y beat for first 8 lines except for parentheses, thanks ;p

also read it exactly how I do in my head, thanks! double ;p)

top part of the pop tart

why wave, it’s my rave

pop tart, in my heart

no plan in my no hand

how’muh (said like goofy the cartoon character, then back to normal) ‘spossed to do that

put the tart in my heart

with my no hands and no plans

plus how you supposed to wave with no hands, it’s ridiculous!

hey man,

stop asking all these questions about my pop tart and my heart and waving!

I’m all about being nice to everyone

in fact, my insecurity won’t even let me raise my voice

or believe in myself


also I believe in myself for the most part

do I? definite room for improvement

but seriously, you’ve reached the point

in your still endless question-throwing and command-ing


about tarts and hearts and just plainly being all up in my business

that you are forcing me to act

like a man does

Action!! (said like Goofy again, all excited, like really commit, then back to normal so big drop-off after Action excitement/goofy-ness-wise) what makes the world turn

and to raise my voice

like a man

and just eat this pop tart at my rave

and not put the pop tart in my heart

and not wave back at you

cause I don’t have any hands

but while you’re here?

sorry to have yelled at you

are you ok?

yea, I’m ok, no


I was gonna say

do you mind, um, actually

sorry haha

putting the bottom part of this tart

into my mouth for me?

I can only reach

the top part of the tart

for I have no hands, you see?

how am I supposed to do the bottom without any hands

haha haha, thanks!!

got it! yup!

take care!

fuck! I just dropped it haha

I mean you know that obviously

cause you’re looking at me

usually when people have a disability

or like a lack of one of their senses

they make up for it with a super strong other sense

like… Ray Charles, yea

blind but he can listen real good

like birds by his window

real quiet

he can still see them and prove his ear sharpness

by telling other people to look at before-unnoticed birds in his window

I wish that I’d have a sharp tongue

to make up for being handless

HAND-icap haha!

I just thought of that

See that’s sharp-tongued, I guess

maybe I got this

but remember when I told you

that my tart had fallen out of my mouth

when you were looking at me

and obviously knew what had happened?

that was not sharp tongued

sorry about yelling earlier

I know, but I feel bad

let me buy you a coffee

or do you want this other pop tart?

it’s got some spit on it

you don’t want it

why’d you just look back towards the door?

there wasn’t an attention grabbing sound

as far as I could tell

and I would know, I’m the one with the disability


what’s that? oh ok, no no, sorry, cya!


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