Maus I: Habitat Research;Catch-22: There’s One Involved, I think; so majorly yucky are rats/mice, but what should i do with this desire to learn about them? how much of this trap torture can i Snapchat appropriately?

it’s no pressing need

thoughtful desire

on a to-do list

to learn about

where the mice live

it’s a dirt place

that’s why

dirty trashy corner


boom. done! imagined!

except, maybe..

magic? Ratatouille magic?

and tools and stuff? mice using

little mouse tools and rags

to tidy and build and bolster

around their little tiny mouse house?

personal food storage

eating areas with

stashes of food?

my food?

do i have any stashables?

i want to see their

impossible to see


the actual thing

the mouse home

where they live

in family style?

with rooms/corners?

that’s this family’s mouse home

and that other one is that other family’s mouse home

over there

do they rest

at the same time?

family structures?

if i kept onto

this trapped mouse


would the other mice say

where did my mouse father go

did he run off?

did they get him?

or even though

it seems less busy

in this mouse house

and that


must equal

more food

more responsibility falls on

my mouse shoulders

and what happened to

that old mouse guy

that taught me



tip toes


or did the other mice


keep nodding

and prancing

along their food path

heads down in the mold

every mouse for himself

in the truly and also shamingly

cold, hard world

out there

for these mice?

bad rap, is what it is

no respect

there in that trap

slowly suffocating

rats! is how you say it

imagine, a rat, really

seeing one rat right now

and you can handle it

now in your head

but if it’s crawling

on your kitchen appliances

more than zero

potential for the jumping

of it

on you?

i’ve seen it happen

the hard way? ok?

spooky shit, man

no good

no good, a rat is

to anyone

so majorly yucky

so not in

the category of things

one should touch

should aspire to touch

definitely wise to have

limited curiosity

about the mice

all over your house

all over your loved ones’ things

you don’t want to be

a big weird mouse guy

who like what.. :p

pours hot shit

quick drying


down the oven openings

into the pipes?

it simmers

and crackles

and holds

like the most perfect

nail rip

of all time

you rip the oven up

old and dirty

caked in little

mouse-y shit dust

so that you look

like a cool handyman

to anyone who sees your man hands

as you walk back

from oven displacement to

non-work zone

safe space

ripped from its

historic stability

and now limp

 and lifeless

where the guitar hero

once was and then

suddenly wasn’t

as if a creepy critter

or perhaps a large group


of them

leaned the guitars back from their wall

like formally disciplined

Rockefeller tree


and carried the

shred machines

to their mouse home?

but why, they

wouldn’t even be good

at it

and would ruin my ranking!!

musing over the delicacy

of my past fingers

tiptoe-ing along the fret board

hand meant for work

meant for function

so you don’t think of

hand dirtiness potentiality

and you wipe your neck

of sweat and crumbs

dust balls

dandruff pieces


long, crusty-tipped hairs that aren’t anyones

pick it off your neck

let it drop down

white chipped holes

in the floor

below, also more below

twisting into patterned beauty

just like that viral video, let’s hope!

so now

the work zone

mouse habitat experiment

little pillars

like anthills

of smelly

broken leg


covering over

the cast

deep black gas wells


little oven volcanoes

infrastructure map

this is what infrastructure is


up close

the inner workings 

of what is

How It’s Made worthy

the forgotten craftsmanship

of the pipe/oven-hole


the engineering that

the less lazy do!

the cool dads

in real rooms and movies

putting heads together

to build ease, pipes, traps

from CVS

which teetered, the latter

back and forth

left of the molten white

on the counter

little scratchy sounds

tiny claws pink and white

clat, clat, clat-tering in the black trap

mouse for sure in there, yea

something for sure

what sounds do mice make?

mouth-al sounds/squeals

this one doesn’t do any

shy little fella

about to do dying

yell, boy!

don’t go out like this!

i don’t want to hurt you!

get out of here!

i’ll close my eyes

i’m leaving the room!

how about that

and you get yourself going now, boy

you hear?

say something!

leap! leap away

into the night

where you belong, boy!

but instead you sit

await your death

like a good boy, yes

wise mouse

must be oriental mouse you must be

discipline, honor

the stoudheartedness!

there’s always an action scene


with the mice

quiet mouse

strange but ordinary

ready to burst

but now

he wasn’t he


he was mine

he as in the mouse

was my show now

my aid to dwell on life

and what exactly

is Snapchat Appropriate

how much death

how much mouse killing

how much process

always juice in the process

“and although there is plenty

of space on

a gravestone to contain,

bound in moss,

the abridged version of

a man’s life,

detail is always welcome”

me grab the

black trap, heavy

like a hot dog

trap shut

and shake it

pedal to metal


to make it less weird

it’s just part of the process


it has to die, yes?

that’s a thing, no?

about how it became normal

in war

to go insane?

insane to not be insane!

this is what a catch 22 is!

i’m a smart boy

in my own war

protecting my home

not their home

just like this little mouse

sorry, boy!


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