maus II: should learn to sacrifice enticing cheese stench for optimally minimal nutrience for trapped mouse so that it won’t just survive in there for weeks and weeks and i won’t have to take heed of alternate measures; really shouldn’t have left so much cheese in there!

they are a little cute, right?

little furry.

furry fury.

always a bit blurry.

count me in, nice!

innocent eyes.

about to die.

“i’m just a mouse

what do you expect, my brother?

am i supposed to

not try to survive?

is that what you want me to do?

have some empathy, man

leave yourself

for once

for 10 seconds


think, man! be a listener!

sheeeeeet, man

huh, buddy?

friend or foe.

tell me now.

where are my friends?

have you seen them?

it’s my first time up here?

they do most of the hunting

cause I have this

giant rash thing.

on my side, here, you see?

you see that part

where the puss smears

onto the non-rash

part of my body?

that part is the most tender.


a constant itch.

imagine that.

and going hungry.

how is a mouse supposed to sleep

with constant itch and hunger?

i am hurt. injured.

i’m a hurt creature.

they take care of me.

my lost buddies.

yea, i mean, i feel i could do more…

i’ll say it.

i miss them.

don’t know what you got

till it’s gone, am i right?


i want them back.

cause of the food, yes.

i’m not perfect.

but i really do

miss them,

as friends!

we have a living arrangement.

deep down in a nook in the walls

i think it’s

the space between

your apartment

and the apartment next door.

tinier than you think

believe it or not.

and then we have one up behind that counter

over there too

you see it?

like just underneath that one

with the boiling water machine thing.

where the cord gets

all hot

when you

leave it plugged

oh i see, yea, wow

they poop a lot on your stove, I see.

jesus creepers that’s a lot of my friends poopy shit

that totally took me off guard, they’d do that??

they usually go pee pee and poo poo in my mouth!

bet you don’t enjoy using it that much?

your kitchen, i mean.

trust me

i apologize for them.

what are we gonna do


that really doesn’t solve your problem!

got to clean that up man!

what else am i going to say?

it’s right there.

lots of mouse pup pup!

where your food is and everything.

i won’t hide from it!

not like there are any other mouses around here..

which leads me to ask you..

have you seen any other mouses in here?


i beg you.

tell me.

where they’ve went.


did you hear that?

what is that?

shut up for one second



jesus, man, why are they in there!?

hey! hey! listen to me!

guys! guys! I’m coming for you

just hang on!

shit! shit…

he went into the other room”

black rashed mouse.


infect-y vibes, bro, in my house!

that’s what happens when

you don’t clean. I mean, you

got to take care of yourself

out/in there/here.

falling in our cheese traps is proof.


black traps, tubes.

door shuts and the mouses trapped.

days of cheese and no lights all they had.

beautiful black traps.

middle balance trapping technique.

catching all these rats!

fable-less, luckily.

the oral storytelling

of the mice elders

yet to be haunted.


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