the best video game to ever exist if you liked the movie Her more than you disliked it, pts. 1-4

part 1: video game Author before genius kicked in to high gear, before best video game to ever exist existed. Future video game would definitely have his name on it. maybe not right on it. maybe hidden somewhere, you’d have to search for it, but people would definitely know it. he’d make sure people knew it while putting on the front that he’d desired to stay anonymous. not about him, he could think. how justifiable (re: genuine motivation for art vs non genuine) is the motivation of “ol’ little Jimmy did what???? guess he was really smart after all. maybe even a genius, I guess. Let’s laugh at our lack of high regard for him from high school, because clearly we couldn’t see something in him that was definitely there. Although, say we had, maybe he wouldn’t have been who he is now and wouldn’t have had the life-knowledge to create this life-encompassing therapeutically addictive video game.” His name was Hand, though, not Jimmy, so you’re not confused later on.

he’d always been a questioner
the curious and the dummies’ curse

hand had unfortune of holding both
1 curse, two traits (being a dummy but pretty curious about life), double the curse?

typical double trouble
tick tock, tick tock, trouble, struggle

double the questions
sprinkling a little pepper on that bad boy, ouch!

but basically a big red dummy, hand was
typical tendency to ask rather than share, is all

no problem, right?
quiet guy

iPhones for sure something to do with it
information overload, am i right?

generation snapchat

smart thing he’d snap
every now and then is

how much is this difference felt
is screens/buttons

how much is it
just growing up/maturing

hard to mature with iphones/stuff
easy to stare and not try and be bored

so excitedly and addictingly

nothing like sitting now
it’s also nothing like sitting, now

nah but really for sure a dummy he was
in space, in the clouds, in his own world over there

like don’t even try to make
a reference with him, like a tv one, bro-heimendinger

i’m gonna call you that now, you hear? fucker-rag-idocio, also, yea, i like that, too

or don’t try to say something
original and clever and expect anything

but curiosity comes from the heart
so hand would ask dummy questions, is all

good kid, really
good looking kid

who couldn’t probably teach you the basics about

but deep deep down, a vague knowledge, truths!
were expecting to be plucked up! Hand knew it.

part 2: mother teresa’s got the fame, but maybe that was just good marketing?

one’s moral values, codes of ethics
would be easier to memorize if avail. in outline form, yes?


some truths are repeatedly plucked
only to teeter quickly back down

hand slippery

maybe there should be an app
feels taboo to cheat the brain
we’re not ready to digitize morals/codes
but: see future line, coming up soon. keywords: 1,000, more, years

could look up list of other peoples’
self proclaimed codes
maybe judged by some service? service of the app
or everyone enters their day of actions
into phone, and are judged by that?
or they don’t enter the actions. ha!
they future people have a camera and audio recording going the whole time
and the code of the app determines how much the self-proclaimed codes of ethics are being followed
points. a scale for how good of a person you are. world wide ranking.
don’t you really want to know that information?
get the answer for how good/special you are
mother teresa’s got the fame, but maybe that was just good marketing?
there was a place in that time for someone like her to be in the newspapers, and she filled it.
but was she the best?
that could be like a classic player list on the app, just for fun
compete against the greats
like on madden when you can play as that Singleton guy and Tim Tebow

isn’t that the future?
it’s also like, we’ll survive as a race
for at least 1,000 more years, right?

there will be a year 3,000 that people will live in in some manner. probably with technology.

what isn’t being online-anized, game-anized already, right?
you know this, this is nothing. widely dreaded with our heads down, hands tucked in pockets, gripping phones, feeling its shape
what aren’t we putting online?
the trend of getting more action for less clicks
enough time for crazy mars stuff/robots/ultraspeedrailwaybaby/more musical beep bop revolutions
and why not codes of ethics+principles becoming more organized for digital world.

codes written to examine codes! ha!
brain/mind codes coded into phone app
maybe thing could be in everyone’s head

part 3: Hand read books that, if nothing else, taught him that it was possible to create beauty and that there are people that are a lot different than other people, but still yes people are similar. or not. words were just really pretty and made you feel smart and ahead of a changing world is what he knew.

words by DFW, eggers, george saunders
makes one aware of the possibility
of beauty, beautiful word images
of beauty, beautiful descriptions of beauty
and non-beauty which complexities were
beauty, nature, nature of the mind
of the beauty of the mind and the mind, mind mind
say shit about the mind and you cool as shit yo
different specific minds and feelings
painting words about the bad boy, son, ouchey! again! /causing rippling and corresponding feelings and mindsets
more than simply stream of consciousness
some hard core plucking/searching going on re: truths
by these bad boy mind fuckers

as Hand feigned laughter @
Simpsons references, what could be
greek folklore idioms/wit,
he felt the lack of words/knowledge
within himself, but in a deeper down way
felt not a lack of it, but something at the tip of
his tongue, ready to respond at with and teach of
and proclamize like a jerk with
why’d this happen? the lack of immediate, easily honest and brutal truth-spewing
(see names of authors he read from above. check his instagram for pics of books he’d read all in a row with check mark emojis next to each one)
but words fluttered across his brain, still
(see: plucking analogy from part 1)
record of if he could say smart stuff
not good
who says stuff anymore though
that’s what twitter is for
(twitter and instagram followers for sure: “he’s GOTTA be pretty thoughtful. shit is so weird and smart. kinda ruins it that he doesn’t say shit in person. just peppers little questions on all my bad boys”)

who is he? what is his code? who
is anybody that’s not
just responding and contributing
to conversations? how much do we matter
without our words

make it a game and maybe we’ll know

part 4: how meaningful is the difference from years ago that technology has caused? everyone thinks about it, knows the lines. “technology” big word that’s all that people have to say when talking about the world nowadays and how it feels different. just say “technology, man…” and others’ll get it. how much should we be worried, and isn’t that worry futile? why worry? it’s the way of the world, but can we each change individually, on our own? if you could ask the world “is there less love or more love, better love or worse love, more connection or less connection, human to human, eye to eye, now? now more than b4? when is b4? when was it “Ok” and when did we “become doomed”??







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