Latina Lady Teaches Me 2 Stand For Something

Butt sharp
Butt sore
Make a show of wincey sitting
Look round for noticers
Hope noticers’ curiosity ends b4 questions about wetness of pants, potential smearing of own personal liquids on public surface
Infection affects you, yea, for sure
But keep it to yourself
Not cool, they could say
End show of sitting
Think ouchey
Bad time at overnight shift, bad time
Have you exhaled?
Another sneaky sound
This one less ouchey
More yeuuuu yes
Smooth latina skin
Great seat selection
Proud of self
It’s the small victories
Check window reflectivity
For look sneaks
Maybe, although check yaself
Big weirdo
Sits across from me
Totally perv
OFLPSA arrises
Opportunity for less pervy self assessment
I less pervy than he
He big perv weirdo
Grab one last shoulder see
She disappears anyway
Should’ve sat where Perv Man sits
Train brakes lift and we roll
Lights flicker
Vents hiss
Were they not before?
I stare out window when not into phone
I’m just eyes
Headphones pause
MMJ song with
3 mins of silence
Music baby
Can hear only hissing
Everyone with neck craned
1920s conductor wisecracks alone into cabin
Businessman Kramer
He’s all grey and white and brown
Assesses to take time thru goal and train with temperate joyous pace
Old spicey swagger
Smooth rides they’ve got now!
I imagine large boat couples waving from their cram heaven
Babies not whining
Thin clothing
Fully dressed and cool
A breeze
Talking and laughing
Clinking in galleys and songs from the homelands
Wouldn’t be good at that now
We wouldn’t
Unless gold
Pillars of gold to awe-gaze at with our already-known and plays and pools with slides and fake waves and surf education and a video game room that doesn’t make us feel like a typical video game cruise ship kid and our phone’s charged and headphones not lost and there’s all inclusive Cokes and creams, and girls that we catch glancing our way and not our brothers’ and who giggle behind us on our way to the quadruple bed cabin to retrieve folded bag of Hot Fries
Proof is train
No gold
No talking
If talking, look up
Mouth sorry and quick back down
What do they want
Prove difference from sheep with Train Men
Hearty Thank You and smile
Easy script
w/o need for improv
Easy A+ interaction won’t hurt OSLG
Overall Spontaneity and Looseness Grade
1920s man stares at my hands
Thank you, I say aloud and proud
Too loud, maybe?
Quickly ashamed for all of us
He just stares
Have to fit ticket in limp hand
Oakley sunglasses next to me lifts his hand up like he’s angry silent bike messenger manager
Ticket between two fingers
I look
Train Man looks
What am I your little servant boy? Am I not a man, equal to all men, including you, who must be, I assume, some sort of cyclist. Are cyclists the kings of the world in this day? Exempt from the courtesy all men should discourse within?
Sunglasses’ two fingers drop to one held up
Pursed lips sushing
Jumpy shoulders
Golf shot rim around and round
Until cycling business taken care of on phone
I’m sorry if you’ve felt slighted just now. I respect your profession. Truly. Especially, a Train Man from your time, when the railways were forging thru mountains from desert shack to desert shack. Did you know Rockefeller?
Long pause
Yes I did
Either way, this is just the way it’s done nowadays. We’ve become addicted to ourselves. Control of our noises. Thanks for taking my ticket. I should’ve at least given you that small respect, I apologize
Sunglasses put his headphones in for pleasure. Salvaging train from wasted seconds
Train Man looks at me and I shrug to say what can I say
Something, he says. Just something
How did he know what I was thinking?
I shift body inwards to cover seat more fully
Hope he doesn’t know abt his new train getting all infecty before it feels like he’s even begun his weird future journey at all
He misses his family
We stare for a while
Somehow my phone now on my lap
Tangling and untangling my best headphones
I can change, I tell him
There are people that you would like now, I say. I know some of them. Let me show you
We slow to another station
He breaks away from my eyes
Gets ready to inform
Seeacaauucus, lady computer says. Make sure you take all your belongings and please, watch your step when leaving the train
He runs forward
Look for the helpers, I yell at him.  And older italian men and fit men! Any woman really! We’re not so bad! When you get to know someone!
People falling back into chairs. Duffel bags part for screaming Train Man. The doors open and I look up at him on the platform to my left
His shoulders hunched and large like a monkeys. He’s bouncing. Searching. Feeling. A train coming
I bang on the window. Theres one right there! Talk to that mother!
She will help you!
I look to that mother and then drag her eyes with mine to the man on the yellow bumps
He needs you. He needs warmth, I say to her
He looks to his right and stills. Turns his front to mine and smiles. Walks backwards smoothly onto a ladder and down. Vishooooooom
Necks still crane, relaxed
Train and hiss resume. Smooth
Digital clockwork you can feel. Good for comfort on my red rare toosh and skin
MMJ returns from silence
Touch me I’m going to scream
Latina lady with beautiful skin comes to sit next to me
Proximity creates. Accomplishes something. From nothing
Two people looking at eachother makes physical reactions
That’s beautiful, I think
Want to be a part of that world, I think
Is it cause of your ass cyst?
Im going to scream!
No what? Me touchy? You want me touchey?
If it hurts to sit, then stand for something. Take this opportunity. Put down your phone. Fuck me.
I don’t try for 30 seconds and get boner in bathroom and I splooj all over her


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