Future band name: CRAM HEAVEN

meaning: heaven on earth we live
but it’s less special
for each person
we look around
have to
share it
with others.
lots of beachgoers or few?
overflowing pedestrians on bridge path
slow walkers
beeping yelling bikers
or you alone with the skyline?
maybe 1 love
or just
less than 1000 pals
with you.
less yours when crammed.
could also be good thing?
that we get to share with others.
then, good thing it’s crammed.
two options.
all about the mindset.

do you think you have to “do heaven” in the right way?
how you approach it.
“it’s all about how you approach it”
the “it’ll be fine, if”‘s
b4 hallucinogens.
can approach
the right way
the wrong way.
up to you.
the result: your experience.
some people enjoy Heaven more than others?
subjective scale,
all-knowing, knows
peace of minds.
guy wants to be one of
the cool kids
up there
but can’t.
cool kids sense
something off
with him
like he’s trying too hard.
not doing it
the right way.
reminds man of camp?
doesn’t look forward to group lunch.

some people can’t enjoy pleasure now?
down here.
where others
jump to share,
jump to jump,
overwhelmed with joy,
semi-joyous even,
examples of freedom,
twirling lanyards,
some people stay
jea-lous. joy-lous. joy-less.
solution for this, in heaven, would be to ban
everyone peaceful in their own
little pods?
perma-goggled experiences
fit just for them.
God knows
what they’d enjoy most.
what they
are able to
be peaceful with?
people r spirits up there too, yes?
down here and up there
God with each and every
one of you, young cuties.
believe it or not.
so loved ones can be in your pod/world
with you
in their own
and in others’
each will still be just as much them.

what are we talking about here
though? VR? spirited
pod characters
thumbed by Him
to give pod-ee
what he
full on pleasure assault,
ego massager?
is everyone up there so relaxed
“I’m in heaven with
loved ones
what else do I need?
I’ll make sure
guy with
loser at camp
feels welcome.”
what decisions are made
and can they touch?
maybe camp-loser
will have
his own loved ones
to reunite with
so won’t even mind the
lack of respect
from the cool kids.

too much risk.
too much friction.
unwelcoming to prayer.

put him in pod.
let him do what he wants.
VR spiritual coma version.
but mandate prayer hour.
meditative CDs
and slideshow of
loved ones
saying “you’re great”
and he sends tapes to
loved ones
and loved-one-lacking ones
saying “you’re great”
to them.
they get those tapes,
feel at peace, and whack it to VR
rule out
the possibility
and then there you go.
have to accept that your pod’s visioning of loved one is true and real.
what else can you do?
Heaven’s forever.
have to approach God’s pods
the right way.


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