Marion Cotillard is so GD hot especially around her eyes and mouth and maybe skin? I like Marion Cotillard’s skin, I’ll say it. Also going to start calling nights “Moon’s Passings”

 Firing tweets,
 Wearing anti cleats.

 Nice to meet.
 Cleat, this is anti feet..

 Take feet, here. Wonder.
 Take to the bridge and Ponder, city slickaaaaaaaaa!

 Not quite enough fodder 4 saunter?
 Just go head out on yonder, act somber.

 See some bees,
 Among the trees, go bzzz bzzz like a bee like I mentioned before.

 Sing and lust of possibilities!
 God says just be just and just get off your fucking knees!

 John and I say corporations! Corporations!
 Laughter at Elation Stations! Stations!

 Eyeballs free and truly patient,
 Looking down is emaciation, like cause of phones and it’s bad and all.

 Put the fam
 On instagram.

 Get texts from an un-tan sham.
 Angry woman tagged covered in clams.

 Untag me you fucking asshole
 I didn't even
 were taking pictures.

 What do you do you
 just sneak them?
 Kathy said
 saw you
 take a picture
 of somethingggg
 we gave you the benefit
 of the doubt.

 Why would you post this online, too?
 If you were
 taking pics
 in secret
 you clearly
 don't want to be known as taking pictures, yaa?

 I’m sorry. I kinda
 just post them
 for my family
 so they think I'm doing well.

 Felt embarrassed to ask anyone for one
 a picture, I mean
 cause you have to navigate
 the saying cheese situation
 i just couldn't picture someone
 saying that
 on such a beautiful day outdoors.

 Or if i was honest, i
 couldn't imagine you saying that.
 Especially if you’re Marion Cotillard
 this dream is real.
 You're too beautiful for
 I like you looking ahead with pink lids, all tired.
 I like you slouched.
 Want to pull you close to me
 by the thin
 skin droop under your chin.
 Want to bite at it
 your sweat is like sour candy.

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