35 Haikus and 2 ones a little longer

I am a subway
Full of licks, drips, and hisses
Breaks for brakes, reflect

Little boy’s armpit
Thin hair stared, pulled and fondled
A new era, suspect

Trey’s guitar whaling
Head’s Up, lips spread go weewoo
High pitched noise hits homes

Paparazzi Jahn,
Just doing his job, Jesus!
But then he rapes her?

Crunchy brown sofa
Strings, little black pick-ables,
Flicked endlessly, bored

Pretty restrictive
The Haiku, yes? Form first, why
If freedom avail.?

Late for class stress dream
Whatevs your current thing is
Gold medal fear, yes?

If could remember
All great dreams, deep, half slumber
An app called Playback

What does “Im me” mean
To you. I know what it means to me
Me in the Im Me as in me not you
Me me me me me sing it
Reading all writing great if could fully
Sense and Feel what its like to be you (me)
No no no but it’s me! It’s Me! Cmon!
Silly old me! You know me! You understand.

Isn’t it funny—yes
How we flail to get it right
Over and over

Wrinkled shiny bag
Inside a sticky cake crumbs
Want to make it small

Once wet greenish leaf
Could finger you to a cone
Subway lines, alone

Ask for ciggarette
That’s fine bra here you go dawg
Yo you got a light?

Title: ding dong! Hun!? You up there? That feeling
you’ve been longing for is at the front door!
Nevermind the calm
Just everything’s glowing
Elusive time’s here!

C a scene, tears
Red throughout, rough tough come up
Paint it, sell, sell, sell!

Sad saps, mouths closed, phones
Bigger screens too, get stuff done!
My own, New Brooklyn

Clean long beard, tank top
Cap it off w/ bike and friendly’s
Jason Schwartzmann Dream

Up close, talks like me.
Simple script, the cafe beats.
Thank you’s, ban improv!

I know someday when
It’s all games and play again
I’ll think Maple Glen

Law of deserve-ness
Dustless corner blogs, poems
Should I get a turn?

Almost a shame how
Others can say smart shit too
Praise me, almighties!

Gather your family
First image when I say go
3,2,1 scottland!

Say a ironic—
Thing, statement, joke, or whatnot!
3! 2! 1! go! now!

Lesson from sisters
Lesson on trying too hard
Aired birds with two strokes

Cliches are really
Common-ish feelings expressed
Beautiful, Grateful.

summer’s not summer
today’s home’s under covers
dream’s made on The Sims

dos longtime old friends
shoes and new lovers ignored
guy behind you hears

if life was easy
and not so fast—tattoo to
think about the past

at least outward joy
all around dancing sad guy
wondering what’s next

twenty second bows
mike rubs face, shy or humble
they all humble, though (????)

horribly frightful
nightmares after exhaustion
awake, “that is neat”

barber shop script tasked
believe you’re Jason Schwartzmann
tucked towel, prep tie

I’ll take vacations
In our old green van’s junkyard
Coldplay, in the back

Role I couldn’t play:
Hardened smaller Latina
Cop, one of the guys

Remember keys, phone,
And to stare thru the hall wall—
For memory bank.

Love love love to taste!
Yummy new varieties
Taste is a sense? No?


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