dolls and mugs

 no muy very mucho
 want to think my magic
 mojo is all gone yo

 want to hang at cafes
 with warm smells with
 my flannel friendlies

 and we bring thick written-in
 notebooks and half the pages there’s
 seperation and serious thumbage detected

 we have gellish pens with
 giant padding that makes it easy and
 smooth to write, and not too nice

 in-book its just long long and 
 easy math equations that scratch
 the deepest parts of our fear center

 we make just enough
 for Brooklyn housing and
 weed and booze

 yes, we’ve been networking with
 each other for 4 years we’re
 good at it re: laughing, enjoying!

 my heart is in it I believe
 but I can tell there’s something
 something I’m not buying

 i have been taking 20s out his
 wallet and i think he knows
 and says nothing

 i put them back when
 i get back from the stores tho
 so that i’m still a good boy

 what am i not buying?
 i want it to massage
 all my friends at their homes

 i want it to be how
 coffee sounds in movies like a
 construction guy giving 25 cents
 and he rubs his dad-shadow

 i want it to be like a flag
 on my side view mirrors
 and whose colors are right
 also did i mention scratching

 i think i probably want
 it to whack me off

 it will have no screens
 no electricity unless
 battery-less or someone
 else sneaks it away
 and charges it for me

 i tell my flannel friendly
 slash business partner
 about my passion

 my passion is for dolls
 especially when they are
 shaped like mugs

 mugs and also
 triple-D cup sexual mugs

 oil is key for doll-ish mug blowjobs
 oil and an assurance that
 you won’t really connect with
 any women for a while

 i want to buy being a bird
 i want to buy forgetting
 what i learned so long ago
 i want to buy chic lawn furniture
 and put it in
 a bug-less past
 i want to buy existing
 inside the screens and only there
 i firmly believe that a
 world where everyone
 always everywhere all the time
 was followed by
 silent TV cameras
 and they did a real
 great job of manufacturing
 (and covering up)
 views for everyone
 everyone would think
 they were watched
 but we would only watch
 ourselves over and over
 it would solve all our itches

 how long has the need to
 love yourself this much
 been around and
 how long since it has been
 this hard to do it?

 i'm going to miss subway
 midnight people

 stick it right up their ass
 let’s go
 let’s finish them! cheesified
 Trey Broadway musical
 knock em down, how!
 right here! come on now!
 two, three, four! two, three, four!
 hey Jack, be conservative!
 i am staring at them
 Conservative but not Republican
 first joke i’ve heard here
 don’t know what they mean
 they’ve won it’s time to leave

 a thing where
 all your friends r on it

 red carpet video
 couple up
 john and ciara
 you and dan giving a dance
 dance/fashion show
 cowboy hats and boots
 that Dan knows the
 name of


 there’s this guy…
 who walks around this
 meadow i know…
 and nods at people’s
 backs… with a maybe-old
 (loves environment or is poor
 starbucks cup…

 he set up a stoolish thing
 and dropped his two bags…
 that maybe (!!!)
 contain an easel
 in the non-guitar bag
 i think he’s getting
 a feel for the mood of
 his meadow now… 

 simple look-around shows
 painter guy talking
 to maybe-tourist
 tourist looking-around
 while maybe-painter talks to him

 a man in a ramones
 t-shirt that sounds like
 brother-guy from Everybody Loves
 Raymond with face of _____hauser
 guy from Curb Your enthusiasm
 guy is explaining about diff
 species of grass
 to an uninterested much younger-guy
 following him
 wouldn’t happen in Maple Glen

 this moment
 means something
 compared to other moments
 more interesting than other
 moments, is all

 it gets my attention
 when lyrics say
 “alone” or “all alone”
 what do lyrics do? say?
 to say?

 what do lyrics do?
 i do know what haikus do
 they do five, seven, five

 poetic means sad—
 longlasting solution 2
 prettify sadness?

 downstairs is Christmas—
 showering upstairs years ago
 thinking about weed

 goal to be unique?
 old school/soul, vintage, boutique?
 leave phone to spread cheek

 see what i did there?
 “i want to be good so bad”
 looked at, always cry

 pivotal moment—
 by the Nooks at B&N
 standout-red or black

 classical means life
 documentary soundtrack
 about space and dogs

 may not explain well
 he’s sure, he knows, that it’s all—
 *word like meaningless*

 packed info on fox
 shaking self-curiousness
 Degrassi: “come with me”

 gfx on cosmos
 artery to galaxy
 guided library

 i on real version
 of a tiny learn-rocket?
 trust to be guided

 i’m missing info
 key info on DNA
 reasons and answers

answers to “how?”

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