dressing up for my prank show

thanks everybody, welcome!
this is my show
i made it for you!
excuse my teeny dress
also do you like it?
i want you to close your eyes for me
that’s right
imagine a little laughing brother
and little laughing sisters
all laughing at their hilarious older brother
no, no, really try to picture it
i’ll tell you when to open
yes, yes
really feeling it
feel it
the warmth of adoration
a winter cuddle and
an alive mom’s hot chocolate
how toe-sies used to feel
but on your heart
and you may be asking me, yes
now that you are feeling heat
on your hearts
and can feel
like i mentioned
laughing little brothers
and laughing little sisters
looking at you, yes
you may be asking me
about why they were laughing
and they were laughing hard
becuz i was such a prankster haha
i told them about pranks
about tacks
and the ticks with the disease one
and about cement powder day
and the filling of the tub with red liquid stuff
after you do pranks, i told them
start crying
and say you were just joking
get these things out of the way immediately
before they can even get mad
i said too that it should be easy for them
to do the first part
the crying
my little brother is 1
and my sisters are 2
i mean one is 2
and the other is just a baby
cry babies literally haha, pun intended haha
imagine that feeling of making your little siblings giggle
i don’t think i’ve been the same since
and i’m 35 now
holy shit
all i know is time flies!
now i want you to imagine something else
for me, please
keep your eyes closed
imagine like some sort of big clock
with a cape or something haha
i don’t know
now open your eyes
i curtsy to you, yes
now stand up and bow back to me
good, keep it slow
now up, slowly
a long bow to me
good, good, that was good
do you notice?
stop looking lol
do you like it? i did it
when you had your eyes closed
i just tried to be quiet
for example the belt of the skirt
it’s so jingly
and it’s big, see?
i’m like lady gaga haha
outfit changes mid-show
still a lot more, tho
you know that
i’ve always had a few
tricks up my sleeve
haha if you know what i’m talking about
i’m talking about pranks


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