ron swanson in a Cleanse Cabin is God

i’m sorry to those who…
live on the physicality of the heavens
pivot along their dying faith
for i am His sole Courier today
my friends!
He lives here
i will be asking for the exact math
about our screens!

and I!
spent eighty-five! percent! of! my! time! today
in front of content
spent twelve percent with content
in my earholes
and i feel fine

now old black and white
(hint of brown)
street walkers
had problems too?
i learned?
before Web?
and they wrote about
the quickness of time?
(layman’s terms
for you
you dum-dums:
time flies!

and the ego
they wrote about, too
like when
blacker and whiter
(and with funny judge hair!)
george eliot says:

“Or if, in strife to keep your ‘Ego’ strong
You make it weaver of the etherial light,
Space, motion, solids & the dream of Time —
Why, still ’tis Being looking from the dark,
The core, the centre of your consciousness,
That notes your bubble-world: sense, pleasure, pain,
What are they but a shifting otherness,
Phantasmal flux of moments? —”

i put big chunk of poem
in my poem!
poem inside a poem!
inception poem, lol!!!!!!!
do you like me?

waiting for the period
about four months in
post cabin-arrival
when i can sit down again
like the black and white days?
like bedtimes and an unforced
do you get me?
three years ago
or four…
can you relate?
without trying too hard?

in this cabin is Him
ron swanson
to cleanse me
to scare you to
come sit with him
to show you the math, too
showing time and words are not to be wasted

ron swanson in a Cleanse Cabin is God


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