i beep boop too is what i repeat to myself in the mirror

beep beep (falsetto)
bop bop (falsetto)
beeped… beebop? (also falsetto,
rising higher at second syllable)
beep beep boop boop bop?
listen to me!
i have opinions too…
talking over me…
like I’m some…
to you, eh??
“eh”… lol
like the Canadians
i look at you
chill out dude
i’m just joking
no offense if
you are Canadian
funny cause Clarence and
both start with a C

a sign of friendship
that scared me
at my old best
friend’s house
is going beep beep bop-de-lop
and then another friend
(should, did) comes in
adds a layer, like..
repeated over and over
to.. like…
set the groundwork
and another friend
not me
(i used to just watch,
mentioned before
that i was scared?)
(and smile (i would))
the other 3rd friend would
do like
low growling sounds
truly spooky
maybe narrate
a story?
about a monster?
over the base-beat

i feel
that in my poems
i do a character
that’s just kinda
like the worst
but vulnerable?
but more just
like… it’s
the character
that forms
out of random
words from
my mind?
there’s no clarence
and i’m not fat
(242 lbs as of yesterday,
tall build)
the real me
really did
(and still would)
get scared of
beep boop sessions
at a friend’s house
me being the odd one out
and afraid to jump in
i’d done PLENTY
of beep boop sessions
…even could be considered…
a leader of them?
with my college friends?
I’m a phish fan
and like…
would hum to myself
over the constant
noise of
factory machines
at work?
to survive?
i remember
i was so depressed
and probably happier
than i am now
i was still trying
to be the best i could be
to my old home friends
and i thought of a motto
a sung motto
a future tattoo
in the key
D+W Fine Pack
it was
Love, Live,
Jam it Out (see?)
pretty positive message there
eh?? lol. remember?
so the point is…
from the singing/humming…
and the content
of the singing…
i want you to know
im a beep boop-er…
of high class?

one time
just the other month
tedesco was present
had my piano
andrew wood came
me and dan
said lets jam
with our mouths
i cried
cause of the attention


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