they knew we’d watch tv on the sidewalks if we could (i guess it’s ok if you’re happy)

going to latch on
to this poem idea
where i say:
so much happens!
as in: triggers for
thoughts and
so little happens!
the memory call-back
thought-triggering : :
(to) thumb movement
has never been this high:
(3 separate thoughts,
probably boob-related,
per 1 thumb swipe)
so much is brought to
and we stiffen up
and raise our hands
palms inward
in salutation
to our rituals
of quiet
and repressions
all of us waiting for
The Time
our time:
imagined so far from now
or never happening at all
boyhood dreams:
so silly and
rationalized now:
this is what happens when we grow up
(this is what happens when we grow up)
we give attention
lots of
little-small chunks
pointed back at us
i downloaded
cause i know
the solution
and that
peaceful Australian
made my head whirl
just once
i downloaded Calm
a month later and
it’s blue instead
of orange!
and i haven’t
tapped the blue button
with my thumb yet
i remember
in the dark
my head spinning
and spinning
making me dizzy
like an engine
suddenly cut off
or wheels
hovering over a road
or a toy helicopter
christmas morning
catching it, still
holding down the
healthy joystick
a ceiling fan?
on its highest setting
and you roll your
with it
the pulses visual
the wind’s source
phones as guides, yea?
I always thought:
(it’s a) cliche anti-facebook
to say that
it (facebook) just
makes you
compare yourself to everyone
but it does
and it did
and now we’re (i’m) stuck
with only the tools
that got us (me) here
to get us (me) out
and i say
it’s the new year!
i should delete facebook
and instagram!
but then
i think
what would
i whack off to?
well, porn!
is this a good poem?
is this a poem?
do you respect that
i am trying hard?
i am too lazy
for form
after a few words
i hit enter
but more importantly
comment what
i should whack off to!
if i delete all this!
and get rid of the
old porno!
(and will my superfans
how many poems
talk about the same
thing: phones?)
does everyone
walk around
with guilt about
their downward heads?
does everyone pocket their
keeping their fingers on it?
seeing the city
the necks craned
you say:
you! you people!
get off
your phones!
and then five seconds later
your head is back
where it’s comfortable
mind onto something else
turning on and off
alarm clocks
in the underground?
they knew that we
would watch tv
on the sidewalks
if we could


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