Crooked middle finger

 Quit my job and let myself
 Spend all my money, but...
 Now I know how the days go...
 I know if Im gonna get all fucking wet
 and I know
 How the wind is yuck! Yucky! and
 I think about writing to you!
 Dreams Ive had and
 How my home has changed
 How I have too...
 *frown crying emoji*
 If youre going thru a poem
 For a second or third
 Hundredth time
 Pop a little enter in there, dawg
 *said with shrug of shoulders,
 all like 'whatever man, you do you,
 here's some of my weed' and
 'but keep going with the story... I'm
 interested in the parts
 about why your boss
 was mean to you the other day'
 and actually being into it,
 what they're saying to you,
 but very relaxed and
 stoner wise about it,
 you know? kinda like that*
 "Done!" *a crooked middle-fingered
 Enter tap on the keyboard*
 *a lick of the finger for successive Entry Tap*
 Just do it, ya dingus!
 Bing boom!
 Its a poem!
 You can do whatever you wanna do!
 Thats what I should say
 Before you ask me about it in a really specific way!
 "Why do you like it?" looking me in the eye
 How come that isnt a question? And
 If it's your hundredth time around and
 You still dont know what to do
 Dont be afraid
 To pop a little rhyme in there too!

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