first step is to get a balcony!

oh what I could do with
a balcony!
i could…
look at my garden
yellow boxes
tied with rope
around my railing…
a sweet water pour
every day
and the pursing of my lips
that say
muah muah flowers!
here you go!
i am on
my fucking shit
recently, dawg (flowers)!
and i am so happy with
my own apartment!
and it’s own private balcony!
in the clench of the
beautiful white dove

i will have
a rockable chair, yes!
yessss……. hmmm……
and ill put my slippered
knee-bent leg up on the side railing
(the whole balcony’s
not that big)
and sway
myself back and forth
finishing all my
cheap, original cover books

i tell myself now:
it won’t be all fucking smiles, though
on the balcony
think about
how much you look out your window now…!
but it’s a balcony! ill say back
a balcony in new york city (baby)!
i’m paying around 975
for this
and i have a balcony, dawg
my life with
the taxi license!
what will happen!
first thing on the list
is to get a balcony!


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