I squeezed my cat to death Public
 you see, some ppl just leave their
 cat on the porch!
 bye bye, they say,
 to the cat.
 people do that,
 they could smack it
 (*back-of-palm slap
 on the cat's back*
 "bad cat, get out forever, you're bad,
 all i did was want to
 show my own new cat the inside of
 my heart...
 friends... believe me...
 all i did was
 hug him until he wasnt breathing.
 he wasnt getting it.
 how much i loved him.

 what was our relationship,
 you ask?
 i liked to touch him and i
 liked it when he touched me
 is the creepiest way to
 end a poem

 but seriously...love love
 love to snuggle a kitty n
 talk to it