dear matt and love letter to the phone the tiny vibrations of typing

Of all the questions to be answered,
 see that there is one we've always known,
 that you are the kindest soul
 and the goodest one
 cause of the actions that youve shown

you do actions and are good and kind
 like a Sims avatar
 avatar, i wouldnt say that
 i would call him Mike
 and would woohoo
 it all up like a bandit
 to obtain context and
 talking points for when you
 wanna talk about sex

matt please know
 on shrooms day
 that no one
 is owed as much as you

and let me take a selfish second
 to remind you of the phone
 and the sweet familiar
 vibrations it gives you
 when you hit a letter
 like when you tell your favorite mike
 all about your life-changing emotions
 on this life-changing 10 day journey
 right after
 you made out with your love of a roommate

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