nighttime cafe when i meet my love where no one goes in this weather.

 A man just walked in:
 Started swaying with the girl.
 Turns out hes gay.

 What id give for just
 A soft extended waist grab,
 Swaying and staring in public.
 The smell of sweater-
 A static must, brown stuff,
 Makes your hair rough.
 Tiny oval holes
 On her elbows. 

 A cold rush of
 Flitters, forming a smile
 Into a wide hole!
 Stick my tongue out and start it.
 Our cold slobber grows
 Warmer and our lips-
 Softer, smoother, i'll
 Feel a bit of blood rush up
 Into my peepee,
 Bringing her closer.
 We'll get drunk in the
 Backyard where no one goes
 In this weather.

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