a message from a young entrepreneur of affordable medical equipment to a conference of old decision makers

to the older people rn:
 (from the young people of today
 who were even younger yesterday!)
 don’t you realize that you’re the ones in power now?
 all the ones who
 fucked it up
 for all of us
 are all gone now! they’re gone now!
 we can do better now cause they’re all gone!

in beautiful ms marinos class
 she had freckles and italian
 she lived in a house whos
 front is decorated with red wood
 and white window borders
 we went there when my mom
 needed to stay late as the school
 and in the classroom
 i looked around and knew
 my fellow 2nd graders we’re going
 to change everything bad
 when we had the chance

how could we ever be mean to anyummmm..mmmm..mmmm..?
 on a grand scale, like, i mean..
 with global warming and
 like that

yea? right?

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