i want to tell you
 i'm super into
 orthodox jewish women now
 and also
 it would be funny
 if there was a gif
 of the midnight in paris
 bar scene
 you can see most everyone's
 leaning around the bar
 all of them
 with focused, relaxed
 smiles and then
 the second half of the gif's
 a scene
 from a club today
 lonely men bumping
 and dodging other
 lonely men
 looking forward to the bathroom
 opportunities to check the phone
 as we piss
 and laugh and
 pretend like we're happy
 with ourselves
 like everyone else peeing
 and washing and pausing for
 as long as we can
 i dont want arranged marriage
 but i want to marry
 an orthodox woman
 tomorrow or soon
 and her rosy cheeks
 grow rosier
 at my
 Massive Catholic Schlong