To Do: write the tom brady is lord black mirror episode

Step one
 huff up the stairs
Step two
 get the chairs from over there
 form a bed
    life's not fair
Step three
 brush your hair and
 use the Nair I
 left for you, Claire
 its been 3 days since
 we last took care
 of it... yes? right?
 good girl
 dont make me stare
 i dont like to... i said that, remember?
 but you force me to
 if you dont shave...
 capiche? apprender??
Step four
 Tom Brady black mirror episode
 everyone eats TB12 box every day
 he becomes the president
   its real socialist but we love it
   cuz we r all so healthy
   and energized and group
   problem solving focused
 because of this:
 we convince nick to go for
 his dreams
 and in the process, spark the whole
    *get the tom brady acting career
    become his agent/
    original collaborator/
    preferred director*
 idea in nick
 Tom Brady becomes president
 and the true successor of
 Ronald Reagan
 Bill Bellicheck will be involved
 was leaked
 during the campaign
 and like trump promised
 brady gets us to win and win and win and hes our leader forever
 he fights the first aliens
 flying small ships
 called jetsons
 we all have them
 drive them to the international super
 bowl stadium
   where war is done
Step five
 Do an Analysis of ur Uber driving
 Potential Improvements call it
 Use safe, non-threatening words
 Look at the positives
 They like you... you're neat
 and tidy
 exaggerate the amount
 of money you have to
 your friends and family
 and roommates
 they will say good boy
 responsible boy who does not
 need my chairs anymore
 maybe matt will purr up against
 my neck
    practice with haikus
 is one of a bit of wisdoms
    from nick-walkbacks
    holding on to a high
 ill never follow
 another one was
 we are all so obsessed
    from the beginning
    before it all
 about how our lives will turn out
    what will we be like when were 15!!!
          21!!!! 25? 29? Jacks ages????!!!!
 what clicks that off for those who've
 had it clicked on?
 how is jack doing in his head?

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