to do list is to get high for rest of life in san francisco

preface: imagine me
a rockstar and also:
i want to make you care.
about all this.
and i hope you do.
cause it's my dream, miss, please!
   fun to say miss
   because no one has 
   ever read any of these
no one ever
except a sister 
who cares and then
got scared.
the kind of high i’m chasing
is to be 
to do the things
i’ve been giving
for in 
of my
awake day.
but wait wait wait!
what if i told you...
   i can still dream, though!
about falling in love or
   having sex with 
the ones who talk a
lot at me
   who let 
me respond 
and keep responding.
all the lights but your TV's
i can write poems about 
a big space somewhere out west. 
   thank you chromecast!
   for san francisco’s 
   bridge-y skyline!
   if San Fran
   has a pretty skyscraper-filled
   skyline tho, I’m 
   not sure!
it has light brown curtains and
a giant ringy-fuzzed brown rug

to do list is 
   study a map
know where the players are at yo!
respond to friends pretty
averagely quickly
   at least, yea...
   and write something
that isn’t directly about
my regrets and 
me me me me.

don’t worry, i predict: 
one day 
   i will 
give myself an assignment 
get high
and follow through it

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