Mr. Uber Man!

I went home on a whim
the day after one of those
"spend more money than you have"
type of nights

my mom said a few 
weeks before, "we're giving you
300 dollars for your birthday
when are you coming home?"

I surprised her at home 
before my tank ran dry 
I declared a need for her
Chicken Cordon Bleu
I smiled at my dad like we were
secret teammates cause he loves
Cordon Bleu too
"I got you, Pop" I said
like an unnecessary wink
but she didn't make it
and so we ate her leftovers
from Girls Night Out
and the vanilla meringues she 
ran out and got for me

when I surprised her at home
my dad lumbered
out his office
slow smirk ready to say "Mr. Uber!"
and when I stopped hugging 
and squeezing mom and 
scratching the
butts of the dogs
he said "Mr. Uber man!"
or something like that 
and I said "I should've 
called you back...but
..." then averting my 
already averted eyes
to some blank yellow
on the kitchen wall,
my brother said "why
did you look there and not
in your father's eyes and
why did you stop at 'but...'"
my mom said "go hug lindsay" 
and as I hugged her and
claimed missing her
I thought why did I end 
at "but" and then look 
away into space til this saving
embrace of a nice chatty woman
who is my brother's girlfriend

then I hugged my brother and
thought about who he is and
if we are like other brothers
other normal ones or him
and jack and
I felt like the odd one out
of the whole family...
until I told a story
and with smiles on their 
faces they said "you're
so weird" and "I don't 
get you Michael" and
the feeling was mutual

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