me and dan will be doing this web series where

 me and dan have a
 gameshow in the apartment, and I’m
 the little hot bitch.
 im in the first stages of crossdress-performing
 in union square with pigtails
 and an old italian pepperoni-gangster accent
 saying how are you doing to a bunch of people
 and saying nothing else? saying only
 that would be annoying. pretty little girl
 who's a six foot three fatty
 with tiny boy wrists (which will look great
 in my costume!)
 only saying the words
 "how you doin?"

 i wanna get into it more so:
 we start the show and im the woman.
 the very first shot
 is dan finishing the game show
 with: too many
 flirtatious bows and
 waves of the hands;
 doing little dances like he
 he comes backstage
 and walks up to me taking my makeup off in
 the mirror.
 he grabs me and smooches me.
 next shot is the crowd leaving
 during the credits
 on the monitors.
 it's him doing a really
 into the tripod'd camera.

 around every one new i meet i start
 talking like
 the character of the little hot
 and i don't know why but
 i like it?
 don’t make it too weird like:
 kate mckinnon in movies.

 have the friends over for the
 game show portion
 but a lot of the web series is backstage.
 its the larry sanders show for our game show.
 when you forget what dan was saying
 in the idea-sesh:
 dan was doing funky hand movements.
 he’s the host.

 different skits. after the
 colorado-bushwick movie? from last

 host and sidekick history: us having the idea
 to host a themed party; getting really excited
 about it or forming an event business?
 holding the dance where all our friends
 on the invite list show up in couples to
 join us. a performance show. us dancing
 is the big headline of the event finally.
 a banner falls down that says #resisttrump.
 we tease with instagram vids so the dance isn't a surprise.
 to shoot maybe our fans show up?
 we have done extensive instagram branding
 about this webseries idea.

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