came back and did the thing ive had to do

I handed my dad a joint to smell.
 A second after,
 the braithwaite clan
 crowded around our bag of
 Colorados legal weed.
 I went around the lake with Lucy
 and pocketed the burning stick
 between sightings
 and voices and branch

No one was home afterward except larry.
 We chatted and i acted way calm.
 Act calm to be calm. someone
 gave that advice at some point

Came back and did the thing ive had to do.
 Which was lying to my uber
 Rental car company.
 It worked until it
 I was outta money again.

Larry said "how was lucy" and
 "I have cookies."
 I say "oh sick"
 Then he mumbles to my previously asleep dad.
 Me and my dad take 3 plastic boxes
 Of cookies outside.
 I play music.
 He puts headphones in after
 awkward chatting of
 45 seconds.

Legal weed in colorado
 If jenny was here
 Matt! Oh, my matt!
 Yofe man! Manon!
 Is definitely not a friend in my head..
 She is my love..

Ghost massages me outside on the
 deck movie.
 Or the dog.
 Write with nick.
 Dog on his heind legs.
 Hes had that movie idea before:
 Talking dog and cats.

Movie like manchester by the sea.
 Start with the picking of the dog poo
 Or coming in with the harness to larry
 Screaming "does anyone wanna come?"
 Screaming "should i pick up this poo with the bag? If its in the yard before the trail and "the walk"?
 Bag meant for public poos.

Focus my creativity instead of
 blurting it out and social media and

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