High ranking hotties yes!

Quiet lafayette street had
 no fireworks tonight:
 big road:
 two lanes for the bus:
 route about halfway down
 brooklyn's broadway:
 a half block away
 from quarter town and
 loosey village
 and crown fried chicken avenue
 and my family has never walked
 about in a town like this

I had
 a slow slow day with
 a big nap and i
 felt dirty and exposed and
 sunny and sad:
 someone saw me yesterday
 and i did
 too many
 with finger gun clicks to
 get her to keep blowing
 we had fun but the laughing was
 not like
 her and dan laughing
 and my penis was hard but didnt
 come after an hour of blowing

Billy collins said he
 Breaks it up into thoughts
 Three tools a poet has:
 The line the
 The thought?

 open to all our class
 High ranking hotties yes!
 A place to fall in love easy easy
 but we were scared and crowding
 ourselves into a whisper of sad
 sad sad shit still
 and the friend keeps leaving
 killing it
 grooving like ive never grooved
 asking for matt
 I called a code red
 I got a tired friend
 who asked a hot latina
 and her two black friends to judge
 me nick and him
 doing the robot
 he didnt inform us before he went
 and either way it wouldve been
 awkward as shit
 cause of what i think
 self fulfilling prophecy

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