long poem

its definitely not meditation what I’m
 doin’ ( doin’ like how the italian say it, i say it
 that wow now lol, get used to it ;p )
 in the drivers seat
 its just thinking abut
 cut boizzzzzzzz
 (cut pronounced KEEyooTu)

i see these signs
 when I’m driving
 Number 54 on the Titans
 I was thinking about
 his relation to
 Bobby the TD
 in the way that they are
 both differently colored than me
 and more cut

next thing i know
 i see a sign for 54th street
 close to that hotel town
 in queens thats maybe
 predominantly chinese?
 54 is williamsons number!
 i told this to the guy in the

backseat, he
 put two suitcases in the back
 and was friendly about
 weather and f-ball
 to start off the ride

i thought: good time ahead!
 convo time!
 and i told him of the 54th street
 sign coincidence
 he said:
 follow your dreams, young man
 he said: i just came from this
 weed hotel room
 that i found online?
 it was
 was not at all
 scared also

i said:

weed helps guide me
 in my new faith in Christ
 for example
 i trained nicks cats
 to live through Christ like
 i do:
 so far they love it!

(add later portion where
 oscar becomes your god)

beginning of the film after colorado?
 : :
 get to bushwick
 go through a typical uber day
 something happens with the spy
 who’s been coming:
 how close to real story?

i get a text from the MTA
 one day from a Phoner Party
 hired by the MTA

he says Hey
 and I say
 Hey too, a little too late
 embarrassed like a date
 he say
 i’ve seen the texts you sent in May
 we were contacted by the MTA
 to see check if everything’s okay
 is everything ok?

listen to this, i say:
 do you have an iPhone?

yes, i have a 7S
 the newest one!

i turn around and eyeball
 the charger hanging towards
 him and i say:
 yes, that is a charger, sir, yes!
 by all means. its your car! haha!
 political schmoozing,
 ever heard of it?????

ah, ok. thank you, driver.
 that’s interesting.

what do you think?

interesting. i love it.

you haven’t even heard the best part.

please, i’m so ready for this. you
 look good and you talk good.
 i trust you. I’m so so wet for this
 idea. i lend you my ears…
 (double bow with hands above head
 with open palms)

i’m glad and i can get down with
 that sort of thing (about how you
 mentioned you were wet?) for sure
 i’ve actually been gay
 for this drummer
 it’s my secret
 he maps his instagrams out
 to start a week and
 he teaches me organization skills.
 anyway, plug the phone in
 you got it? (lean back to quickly check)
 go to your iTunes homepage.
 see how all your data is transferring?

let’s establish a relationship,
 let’s hook up maybe twice a week
 make some sweet sounds together
 with our mouths (wink)
 but i mean music
 i feel like you have it in

you mean

yes, yes i do mean it like that!
 shit, that was so hot, so tight, B!
 love it.
 honestly love it, so tight.
 such a good pitch that you found.
 you have a classic voice and a
 classic sound as a band too! you
 do all the instruments by yourself

the album cover with maybe
 a red baby, an inflated red
 baby above the old set of willy wonka

a picture in the lower right and
 painting? building in the back?
 painted smoke above the
 building and the baby and the blue

i was listening to the radio
 as soon as i heard a word
 i saw it on a sign:
 gateway center
 then the guest was:
 michael br______
 then phish comes on
 then all the phone covers
 are a lot of money
 so i leave the target
 and i blast Blaze On
 and carol king
 and relate to the parts
 about fucking up
 and i turn on to Egan street
 egan is my middle name

and i breathe in the air and
 i want to be high high as
 the baby
 i can be in all the shit and smoke
 breathing in the air and shit
 and smoke

screaming around the corner
 the screaming is a woman
 two tugging
 beggars stand around
 in bright white light

i bulk up my shoulders and
 they will respect me?

i save the woman
 i give the woman water
 she is wearing an
 airy green dress, what?

i tell her that this is
 another sign
 god is real
 you are the one
 you owe me be-
 i saved you, remember?

money money money
 doing anything at all

there are put
 up constantly
 in our public spaces
 the signs say: create the world you want to see!
 in the poor areas they have accepted a base-
 -line level of street trash

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