twiggly forest hut for just a few weekends even?

john coltrane makes
 easy listening but we will
 expect sad parts in
 his movie.

i want to be
 coltrane, yayuh!!!!!

but i want to go
 uhhhhhhhgg-grrrr! grow grow!
 mo mooooo!
 but in slow motion.
 slow slow and

i want to fuck everyone
 and live

i want to be a jesus:
 i don’t want to believe in Him.:
 i began telling people i believe in 
 i told my mom:
 that’s a big deal to joke about:
 does that mean i mean it?:
 i’ll tell you…

i thought today:
 remember how you believe
 in God now, Michael?
 yes i do, i thought:
 let’s think about it:
 remember when you told mom?
 what was that for?

2 seconds l8r:
 my Uber rings
 brake  plus  immediate
 25th street, i’m going down.
 need an eventual left.
 AND THE MAN to be plucked doth
 be named::
 Jesus Christ…
 i said: how bout you, JC? how’s YOUR day
 going? (oooh boy! convo convo convo!)
 he said: well, I’m sure as you know…
 i’ve had a very busy week…
 i said: nice nice, so
 tight. so dope. love it. what do you mean?
 he said i guess i shouldn’t have assumed:
 it’s men’s fashion week here in
 The Big Apple.
 City of Stars! i said.
 are you a designer? i said.
 no i’m a brand ambassador
 for a Big and Tall label market opportunity biz, 
 and also
 i’m a cloth guy.
 sick, bro, nice, i said.

i turned up a Wild Thoughts mix:
 DJ TORO, so tight so dope!

i told him about Nashville.
 i’m still working on my
 reason. he spoke weird in a way that
 made him seem like a guy who didn’t deserve to
 be thought of as cool or deserving of
 upward movement? or nah?
 good guy tbh?

sad songs?

getting it?

people seeing you smile near a dog?

or a cat. being a both-er! so new so tight so fresh!

thinking youre a jesus.

people seeing you read.

doing a good job when your pop
 rubs the leg at 6am? when you’re sleepy.
 thank you dad, love you.
 love you too, son. hope it all works out.
 *rub of leg* warm smile and a drift to sleep.
 maggie called and we talked for 40 minutes?
 and i told nick l8r: I’m in a good mood!
 and he said: well we’ll see what i can
 do about that.

maggie said they hadn't ruled
 heroin out of my question:
 in my present, not my future.
 maybe it’s in my future?
 this week is the test for me. the true test:
 lest obliged be god proveth his power?
 and smash me or an inch of my fender.
 a little nudge of mirror?
 even a low tire.
 i smelt smells today
 on the first day.
 rubber and gas and
 the hour
 b4 the ToSi, (transmission oil spill
 incident) a beetle landed on my neck while
 3 Japanese girls spoke of japan
 in the back.
 i found it under my crotch dead.
 4 polish men
 crowded in and were friendly and
 have never fucked Manon.
 we saw a cockroach climb onto my windshields.
 we wiped it back and forth and
 into my engine cabin.
 my feet began to itch. they got out and
 i drove another asian woman to
 manhattan. jazz was on and oldie oldies. 
 then ToSi dammit TOSI!!!!!

naughty naughty
 lollipop lady
 with good skin.

never getting a redo.

this titty painting and this 
big dead parents on my shoulders mirror. 

a priest icing my neck in ceremony
and a hearty laugh form the priest when it's 
to shake hands.

is there a heaven? momma momma

knowing you've fell in love again.

megan unfriending me 2 weeks ago!!

elephant itch on a big cheek 
from a big hand.

rhyming seems cool and dope!

how different it IS to be happy:
 to bang bang on the drums walking
 down broadway
 with headphones
 with legs to look at
 minds to blow.

modern mandatory.

let’s ALL be bros.


all of every1 in our own
 s1ngle rooms
 in deep underground cities.
 value gives you furniture and
 weed (maybe not based on value
 but a different weed scale?)
 all the bars at the bottom are
 dirty dirty
 and there are brothels
 and there are brothels
 and there are tall-necked
 greenies that show you their
 and provide a pleasant scent
 and an mean sweat 
 and a tickle tickle tickle.
 and my brown shirts are loose and the
 strings are flapping
 above hogs in the mud
 and sturdy ropes in the mid-air: jumping 
 bouncey bounce bounce weee! swing! 

i want you to watch me swing and
 i want to watch you laugh and i want
 to be the beautifully rotted out: healing
 in a

twiggly forest hut

for a couple weekends, even

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